Long-range Strategy - Updated September 2017


“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36 NET


Partners Global Network is a U.S.-based, non-profit organization motivated by the Great Commandant (Matthew 28:18) and the Great Commission (Mark 12:30).  Our aim is to engage the world, together, through creative partnerships as we work to unite leaders and organizations. PGN, along with our partners in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, believe the best long-term investment of current and future mission dollars is in the training and equipping of next-generation, national leaders who are trained locally and culturally.

PGNs long-range strategy is to leverage our relational assets to forge, nurture, and extend partnerships. We seek out in-country leaders who desire to have a ministry partnership with a U.S.-based person or group. PGN is committed to work in partnership with national organizations in many, varied contexts.  We begin with their vision for their nation and we seek to listen to how we can help advance that vision. 

Partners Global Network forms strategies locally, in dialogue with our national partners. Our approach is to integrate well into the culture and ensure everything we do is contextualized.  We share that knowledge with others whom God is calling to serve.

Partners Global Network provides a sustainable structure to connect individuals, churches and agencies around the world in partnership for the training up and serving of the next generation of leaders.  This structure enables communication, accountability, resourcing, and support to our many partners around the world.

PGN builds relationships with U.S.-based churches, individuals, and foundations that share our vision to see the next generation of leaders rise up to share the Gospel around the world. Our U.S.-based partners provide prayer, personnel, and funds as they work with the in-country leaders.

This chord-of-three-strands approach creates a bond through which a strong foundation is built that enables the gospel to be taken to parts of the world that are difficult to reach through traditional, western-based approaches.

     Strategy, Structure, Relationship 


< > CONTINUE TO NURTURE EXISTING PARTNERSHIPS The origins of PGN is found in the strategic partnership between PGN and Divine Grace University (DGU).  More have emerged, such as the budding relationship between PGN and Keys Ministry.  While an informal partnership at this time, there is no denying the synergy found in working together. 

PGN has formed over one hundred partnerships with individuals, churches, and businesses who desire to work together to fulfil the mission. Most exciting are the partnerships that have and are forming between individual students and graduates of DGU and Christ-followers in the West.  Through the Central Asia Initiative, over 25 such partnerships have been established.

EXPAND TO MORE CHURCHES, INDIVIDUALS AND DONOR GROUPS It is our firm belief that it is in and through these partnerships that the work of the Gospel will be accomplished.  It isn’t about PGN.  It isn’t about money. It is about people connecting, supporting, praying for, and loving one another.  In our modern age, distance no longer prevents the frequent, deep, and effective connection of individuals.

TO PROVIDE INFRASTRUCTURE AND STRATEGIC SERVICES PGN has evaluative standards to identify effective individuals and organizations, worthy of support, lacking the resources to carry out their mission. Resource-rich organizations and individuals desiring to connect and support but lack awareness and ability can benefit from PGN. PGN confirms these individuals’ and organizations’ mission, connect the individuals and organizations to each other, provides pathway and encouragement, and promotes and provides accountability.



Recruit, train, and resource 100 new Christian leaders into Central Asia by 2020, and 250 by 2025