Missional Spirituality

We believe the gospel offers a relationship with God that is received by grace through faith, and that the Holy Spirit changes us from the inside out as we walk with God.  
We seek intentional pathways for growing in authentic relationship with God as we serve on mission with Christ, and we nurture this spirituality in the leaders we equip.  We try to see all people through developmental eyes and integrate spiritual formation into all our ministries, leading to self-awareness, dependence upon Christ, healthy relationships, and life-giving service.​


Partners Global Network collaborates with various networks to identify and vet leaders and organizations, who will connect in developing the next generation of leaders dedicated to strengthening these organizations and individuals, and creating initiatives that will transform local communities around the world.​

Statement of Faith

Our Methods

We support local organizations that provide innovative solutions to empower people and organizations to build vibrant communities.

· We create innovative partnerships to provide complementary services to our partners.
· We seek to impact the lives of our partners, staff, and supporters.
· Our services and training enable partners to develop strategies to transform their communities.
· We strengthen and influence our partners, connect them in valuable partnerships, and drive economic progress that benefits both sides of the partnership.

Connecting Creativity

Partners Global Network will provide a sustainable structure in which gifts, skills, resources and relationships will connect individuals and agencies around the world, in partnership for the training up and serving of the next generation of leaders.


Partners Global Network exists to create partnerships to assist in the training and equipping of leaders and organizations around the world


About Us

Welcome! We're glad you are seeking to know more about Partners Global Network. 

Global Partnerships

Partners Global Network collaborates with like-minded organizations to identify and vet leaders and organizations in developing the next generation of leaders. PGN is dedicated to strengthening these organizations and individuals while creating initiatives that will transform local communities around the world.​

Our Values

Seek God First

We embrace God and His Word as foundational to everything.

Serve partners

We equip, encourage, and build capacity in others for contextual, sustainable impact.  We are only as successful as our partners.

Create a way

We seek creative solutions by embracing change, practicing ingenuity, and walking with God's Spirit and our partners.


Partners Global Network will provide a sustainable structure in which gifts, skills, resources and relationships will connect individuals and agencies around the world, in partnership for the training up and serving of the next generation of leaders

Mike Smith

President and Executive Director

Prior to taking his current position with Partners Global Network, Mike was the executive director of Missio International Romania. Mike served for 24 years as Pastor of Missions, and Adult Team Leader, for Highlands Community Church in Renton, WA.  In the 10-year period from 1978 to 1988, he administered the International Training Curriculum for Campus Crusade for Christ, as city director in San Bernardino, CA, and Seattle, WA. He has travelled extensively over the past 35-plus years, living and/or conducting ministry in 24 countries. Mike attended Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, and the International Christian University, School of Theology, San Bernardino, CA.  Mike was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in 1998. He and wife Barbara have two daughters, and one granddaughter. When not traveling or speaking, Mike enjoys cycling.

Paul Weaver

Board Chairman

Paul has worked in the corporate world for 30 years, at a large aerospace company.  Throughout his career, Paul has served in leadership positions in Finance and Procurement. Paul’s passion is to serve in missions and he has participated in several short-term mission trips to Eastern Europe, and served on various committees. Paul and Linda met in college and have been married for over 30 years.  They have two children, one granddaughter and a granddog.

Ludmila Viesse


From Chisinau, Moldova, she has been involved in ministry through the church her father pastored. Married to Albert, they have one son, Ivan. She is a graduate of Bellevue University and Northwest College in Kirkland, WA. She is employed by Microsoft, in LAN technology development and administration.

Michael Newman


Originally from San Diego, CA, he is married to Elese, and together they have two daughters and two granddaughters.  Michael came to Christ at  the age of 32 and got active in church by helping in homeless ministries and soup kitchens, Vistians Rock ( a community revitalization effort ), and with Operation Hope family shelter.

Alex Midrigan


Alex and his family are from Moldova where he served in the music ministry since 1996. Alex is a gifted leader with leadership experience serving the Moldovian churches until 2007. In 2007, he and his family moved to the United States became a US citizen then he served at Jesus the Savior Moldovan Baptist Church and Highlands Community Church both in Renton, WA. Alex is currently employed at Lyon Technical Services as Senior Network Administrator as he is very passionate about technology and helps PGN with all IT needs.  He is married to Ariza in 1999 and they have five wonderful kids; Cris, Marc, Camelia, Alexandra, and Sophia. He likes technology, spending time with family, and camping.

Jim Kassebaum


Jim participated on a short-term mission while in college reaching out to Turkish immigrants in Germany and has actively support mission efforts since.  He has been happily married to Jennifer over 30 years and has enjoyed ministering together in adult education including co-teaching parenting skills.  They have six children, including two boys adopted from China, and a son-in-law.  Jim has worked in the corporate world over three decades, at a large aerospace company, contributing his engineering talent to multiple new airplane programs and has served in multiple Engineering leadership positions over the past dozen years. Jim is now interested in giving time to support world evangelism and education through partnership with nationals. 

Wes Mitchell

Nominated DIRECTOR

Wes transitioned from a larger “small business “ in 2003 to a ministry calling  in Mexico where he and his wife of 49 years, Barb, have been intimately involved—both as directors of the ministry's Board of Directors, Wes As Board Secretary/Treasurer and Barb as Director.   Additionally, Barb has been heavily involved in teaching women's Bible studies as well as children's colonia (neighborhood) ministries while Wes has functioned as Mission Administrator/Executive.  Wes and Barb have two daughters and four grandchildren and while missing them accurately during their long Mexican stays, realize how profoundly blessed they have been to be used in God's Kingdom.  Both Wes and Barb’s greatest wish is that they continue “Actively” to be “used” by Him

We Believe

The basis of our belief is the Bible, God's infallible Word, contained in the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. We believe the Bible is the written Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it was written without error, in the original manuscripts. It is the final authority in all matters on which it speaks.

We are committed to the historic, essential doctrines of the Christian faith which unite all believers.  While embracing the freedom for personal convictions on non-essential issues of Biblical interpretation, no interpretation of these issues will be permitted to become a hindrance to the work of God through Partners Global Network.

Our Team

Partners Global Network Staff and Directors

Whether you are seeking to partner or network with one of our teams or national partners, or planning to donate financially in our work, we hope this site is helpful.
Partners Global Network is committed to work in partnership with national organizations in many, varied contexts.  We begin with their vision for their nation and we seek to listen to how we can help advance that vision.  We also help North American organizations connect with trusted partners in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
Our heart’s desire is to form strategies locally, in dialogue with our national partners.  Our goal is to integrate well into the culture and to make sure that everything we do is contextualized.  We try to become very knowledgeable about each context--the culture, the work of the church, the stresses of the society, etc.--and then to be open-handed to share that knowledge with others whom God is calling to serve, within that context.


Mission and Values

Partners Global Network Is A U.S.-Based Non-profit With Staff And Partners In Eastern Europe And Central Asia.

We unite with leaders and organizations, to engage the world together through creative partnerships.  

Our ultimate purpose is to change lives and transform communities.


Equip leaders that embrace biblical depth, servanthood, spirituality, and community.

Establishing faith communities marked by love and unity, working for mercy and justice, and making disciples that serve in every endeavor.

​Connecting people and resources of the global faith community, for innovative partnerships that bring compassion and truth to men, women, and children who need it most.


Philosophy of Ministry


Following the downfall of the Berlin Wall, hundreds of organizations from the west partnered with agencies, churches, and social groups in the east to assist in the rebuilding of the social infrastructure throughout Eurasia.  Today, only a fraction of these partnerships remain.

With the newly established freedoms (1991), one such partnership was established by Pastor Mike Smith of Highlands Community Church, Renton, WA, USA and Ivan Belev, Pastor of The Evangelical Baptist Church of Chisinau, MD. The purpose of this new relationship was to train leaders in Moldova to equip and care for the people of Moldova.​

Through a variety of programs, this partnership addressed the material and spiritual needs of post-communist Moldova.

Leadership training, church sponsorships, children’s work, and leadership/group exchanges are only a few of the long-lasting programs that exist as a result of this partnership.

From its inception, this partnership has enjoyed a distinctly relational approach to meeting the needs of those in Eastern Europe.  The partnership was founded on conservative principles and has worked with numerous and varied groups, churches and social agencies who share a similar vision.

For 25 years this partnership has flourished and grown to over forty partners, including individuals, churches, orphanages, schools and other agencies.  In August 2014, it was proposed that this approach to serving the people of Eurasia would benefit from the formation of a non-profit corporation.